Secured payments

sogenactif2 We have chosen PayPal and Sogenactif as secured online payment gateways.

Your credit card details are never stored on our website nor do they transit through our servers, which guaranties the best security in terms of online payment.

PayPal manages the whole online payment process. Once you confirm your basket and input your contact details on our website, you will be automatically re-directed to Paypal which will then manage the different stages of the payment process using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Sogenactif allows you to use your credit cards, Visa, Mastercard and other private payment cards. It offers a secure environment thanks to (i) the SSL protocol that allows our bank, Société Génétale, to crypt all banking information details, and (ii) the 3D secure disposal that identifies the owner of the credit card before the transaction can be confirmed.





You can pay using your credit card with Paypal,

WITHOUT registering a Paypal account ! !

To pay via Paypal without creating an account, all you need to do is click on “You do not have a Paypal account?” circled in red below. Easy peasy.